How much is shipping?

Shipping prices vary from Product to Product, you should be able to see the Shipping costs when you add a Product to your cart.

How long does shipping take?

Once I have received your order I will do my best to send it out as quick as possible. As I am the only person running this shop please allow for up to a week of processing time.

Note: Please allow for up to 2 weeks of processing time for Made To Order items as I am creating each piece as it gets ordered.
Also, Preorders and any items ordered alongside a preorder item will be shipped at the end of the Pre-order window.

Once shipped, approximate shipping times are as follows (Standard shipping):

Within Switzerland: 3-4 Business Days
Within Europe: 1-4 Weeks
Rest of the World: 2-8 Weeks

Do you do commissions?

At the moment I do not do any commission work, I do plan to open up for commissions at some point, however at the moment I lack the time and if I am going to work on a comission I want to make sure I can invest the proper amount of time into a piece so that I can guarantee to complete it to the best of my ability.

Where can I find more of your work?

I create a lot of my Art and Bodypaints live on Twitch. I also have an Instagram account for both my Bodypaints and my Artwork where I mostly share the finished results. On top of that I also make Tiktoks in my Bodypaints and also make little progress videos of my Art.

Where does your username come from?

The answer to this question is a very short and very boring one. When I was 8 I had to come up with a password to some kids website and I thought the combination of letters that happened to string together "minasia" looked pretty. My dad thought it seemed like a hard password for an 8 year-old to remember so he told me I have to make sure to remember it. Not knowing anything about password safety little me had the glorious idea to start using my password as a username from then on and it stuck eversince.